Thank you to all who supported USeb over the years. We are no longer accepting donations as we are no longer a running nonprofit. We leave this site in remembrance of the people who created it and kept it going, especially our wonderful founders Jamie and Lorien, but our services are no longer available.

USeb is a nonprofit corporation organized and run primarily by people with EB. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare disorder characterized by severe blistering of the skin that can result in chronic open wounds that cover large surfaces of the body. People with EB can suffer malnutrition, persistent infections, anemia, digestion problems, disfiguration of the hands and extremities, cancer and even death. Our mission is to provide services that will assist people with EB in becoming more self-reliant through social, cultural, recreational, rehabilitative, educational and occupational opportunities. We value self-reliance because it inspires individual productivity, builds self-esteem, stimulates human happiness, and heals the dignity of the soul. These benefits particularly enable people with EB to not merely cope, but to rise to a position where they can succeed independently, help others to do the same, and contribute to society in worthwhile ways.